SENSODRIVE harness Citroën Peugeot 9652164280 657504 6558TX

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PSA CITROEN PEUGEOT 9652164280 657504 6558TX

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SENSODRIVE Gearbox Wiring Harness CITROEN C2 and C3 PEUGEOT 1007 with 1.4 1.6 16V 1.4HDI Engines SENSODRIVE Citroën Peugeot Robotic Gearbox Harness 9652164280 657504 6558TX is an electrical wiring harness used in robotic gearboxes designed for Citroën and Peugeot cars. This set of cables is used to connect various components in the gearbox, such as sensors, actuators and control units. In addition, it may also contain wires for power and signaling. Each cable in the set is marked with a specific color code to make it easy to identify and connect to the right place. The cable bundle is protected by a durable jacket that provides protection against damage during handling or operation. The numbers in the file name – 9652164280, 657504 and 6558TX – may be manufacturer, model or codes to identify a specific version of the harness.

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