We advise our customers to:

not to accept the shipment from the delivery company should the package be destroyed.

Should such a scenario occure, it is up to the customer to fill out the claim form directly with the delivery company at the time of the goods handover and to send its copy to us.

Without this form our company cannot be held liable for the damaged goods.


Delivery ZONES:

Zone 1      (Austria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia)

Zone 2      (Bulgaria, Belgium, Danmark, France, Greece, Ireland,

.                   Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal)

Zone 3      (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Sweden)

Zone 4        Finland ,  out of EU – customs clearance  (Ukraine, Switzerland)




Weight              delivery days            up to 1KG             up to 5kg           up to 10kg

Zone 1                      3-5                             6EUR                    9EUR                  11EUR

Zone 2                      4-6                             9EUR                  12EUR                  16EUR

Zone 3                      4-7                            14EUR                 17EUR                   20EUR

Zone 4                      4-7                             17EUR                 20EUR                  23EUR