BSI E02-00 Siemens Peugeot 206 9649627880

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PSA CITROEN PEUGEOT 9649627880 9650584680 6580L3 6580FP 6580GV

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BSI multifunction unit for PEUGEOT 206 cars BSI E02-00 is an electronic network control unit (module) in a Peugeot 206 car. BSI stands for BSI (Bsi – body systems interface), which is part of the car's electrical network that controls various functions such as lights , doors, wipers, sound system, etc. Siemens is the manufacturer of this BSI E02-00 unit. Siemens is a large international company based in Germany that specializes in the production of electronic and electrical equipment. The number 9649627880 is a BSI E02-00 identification number used to identify a specific unit in a car. This number is also often called a serial number. All in all, the BSI E02-00 Siemens Peugeot 206 9649627880 is a Peugeot 206 car electronic network control unit that controls various functions of the car and is manufactured by Siemens with the identification number 9649627880.

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