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Welcome to the New 08/29/2015 is a Brand New Auction resource, for those who have used parts, new parts, and even appliances, that they would like to sell or auction off, to the highest bidder, without that ridiculous delay that ebay and Amazon cause you, making you wait 2-3 weeks before getting paid, even after your item sells!
You will get paid Immediately when your item sells on!
Register FREE, to become a member, so you can bid on and buy all the items listed on!
Be Patient, as we are brand new, and listings will slowly increase over time.
Come back and check us out often, to see as more and more products get listed.
We hope that we can be a great resource, with a small fee to list all your products!
Help us become the largest resource for technicians, home owners, service companies, and others, selling and buying their used and new parts, as well as used and new appliances, anywhere on the web.
Thank you for visiting our brand new site, and we look forward to being that One Source of new and used parts, and appliances, that you are looking to sell, or looking to buy!
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